Posted: June 8, 2010 in Solved, UFOs
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Some UFO cases are important for their mystery while others are important for their eventual solution. The abduction of Franck Fontaine belongs with the latter. On 26 November 1979 Franck Fontaine, with two companions, was outside an apartment block in the suburbs of Paris early in the morning when they saw a UFO above them. Fontaine got into his car to get a better look at it but when his companions found the car he had vanished. A week later he returned, apparently unaware of having been away. He gradually told his story of having been abducted aboard a UFO and taken to an alien planet. Franck said that the aliens were interested in one of his companions, Jean-Pierre Prevost, who they were selecting as one of their missionaries on Earth. The three men apparently enjoyed the public appearances and notoriety which followed the encounter and the case split French ufologists into those who supported the claims and those who believed they were prefabricated. According to a report on the case sent to UFO researcher John Spencer by respected French researcher Claude Mauge, prominent ufologists such as Michel Piccin and investigators from the French-government-associated research group (GEPAN) concluded that the affair was a hoax. Fontaine later admitted that it was indeed a hoax.

Franck Fontaine leaving police headquarters at Cergy-Pontoise after his abduction. French ufology was divided by the case; Fontaine later confessed it was a hoax.

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